SFSIC Congresses

Since its creation, the SFSIC has organized a congress every two years (even years). Thought to be an intense moment of knowledge sharing and generation. These congresses allow us to regularly assess the state of research and compare achievements and advances within our scientific community. SFSIC congresses are an opportunity to discuss all research fields defining and composing Information and Communication Sciences. They progressively build the disciplinary reflection through works on organizations, media, techniques, mediations, signs, situations, and communicational processes.

SFSIC congresses are organized by our Association in collaboration with a different laboratory for each edition. The SFSIC assumes the scientific responsibility of the congress. The laboratory ensures the coordination and the logistics of the event. Both partners are responsible for the communication and the financial responsibility of the event.

SFSIC congresses are organized according to international scientific standards: call for papers, scientific committee, double-blind selection, publication of the scientific program, congress, publication of proceedings, etc.

These congresses allow the presentation of the work of the SFSIC accredited Study and Research Groups (GER). The latest editions also hosted panels allowing vivid questions to find a space of expression. The ” Young Researcher ” prize, awarded during the congress, distinguishes, and rewards a thesis judged excellent in the discipline.

SFSIC Congress 2021 - Grenoble - Sociétés et espaces en mouvement

Bannière congrès SFSIC 2020


The 22nd SFSIC Congress will be held online on June 9, 10 and 11, 2021, in partnership with the GRESEC laboratory.

This congress will focus on societies and spaces in motion: induced, imposed or chosen moves and movements, individual and collective kinetics, in media, political, social, cultural or organizational environments, according to situated dynamics.

SFSIC congresses since 1978

  • 1998 (décembre), Metz, Médiations sociales, systèmes d’information et réseaux de communication
  • 1996 (novembre), Grenoble (ICM Echirolles), Information, communication et technique, Regards sur la diversité des enjeux
  • 1994, Toulouse, Les sciences de l’information et de la communication : approches, acteurs, pratiques
  • 1992, Lille (Roubaix), Les nouveaux espaces de l’information et de la communication
  • 1990, Aix La Sainte Baume, La recherche en information & communication, l’avenir
  • 1988, Strasbourg, Babel communication
  • 1986, Rennes, Régions et communication
  • 1984, Paris (ex- Ecole Polytechnique) : Les relations des publics avec les outils de communication
  • 1982, Grenoble (Campus) : Information, économie et société
  • 1980, Bordeaux : Les obstacles à l’information
  • 1978, Compiègne : Communication, formes et contenus