Parution - Images in mobile communication


Images in Mobile Communication
New Content, New Uses, New Perspectives

Corinne Martin, Thilo von Pape (Eds.)

Wiesbaden, VS Research, 210 pages

This volume provides an original perspective on mobile communication, focusing on the emerging deployment of images in mobile phone usage: photography, video, mobile television, mobile internet, etc. Deeply embedded in our audiovisual culture, images possess the undeniable power to reshape the future of the mobile phone as an "individual mass medium". In this collection, European researchers in media and commu­nication studies, sociology, anthropology and political science present empirical and conceptual work on a wide range of issues, including cultural change, new forms of sociability on individual and societal levels, tactics and strategies of users and producers, and finally, representations and imaginaries of the mobile phone in other established media.

This book is written for researchers and students of sociology, communication studies and cultural studies as well as for practitioners of interactive media and online communication.

Dr. Corinne Martin is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Research on Mediations (CREM), Paul Verlaine University of Metz, France

Dr. Thilo von Pape is a Research Associate at the Institute of Communication Studies, Hohenheim University in Stuttgart, Germany


Introduction             7

I The Production of Photography in the Users' Hands?       19

Anne Jarrigeon
Images in Mobile Uses: A New "Middle-brow Art"?   21
Iren Schulz
Visual Mobile Phone Content and Developmental Challenges.
The Mediatization of Social Relationships in Adolescence   41
Frank Miller
Celebration and Concern.
Digitization, Camera Phones and the Citizen-Photographer   57

II Strategies and Tactics at the Advent of Mobile Images       79

Cornelia Wolf and Ralf Hohlfeld
Revolution in Journalism?
Mobile Devices as a New Means of Publishing     81
Thilo von Pape and Veronika Karnowski
Which Place for Mobile Television in Everyday Life?
Evidence from a Panel Study     101
Julien Figeac
The Appropriation of Mobile TV through Television Preferences and
Communication Networks     121

III Images and Representations of Mobile Communication       141

Corinne Martin
Images and Representations of the Mobile Internet   143
Veronika Karnowski
Symbolic Models of Mobile Phone Appropriation.
A Content Analysis of TV Serials   167
Miguel iIngel Nicolas Ojeda
The Image of Youth in Mobile Phone Advertising   189

Contributors   209